2006Erzurum Gunes Pharmaceuticals Depot Ltd. Co.

Erzurum Gunes Pharmaceutical Depot, 20 years of veterinary medicine sector Gunes Pharmaceutical Depot 6. began operations as a warehouse. Depot personnel assigned to the General Directorate of Aydin EYMİRLİ'nin sector consists of people with experience. The large storage space and modern design stores that attract attention off the total 1000 m2 and 20 car parking lot is available. Timely and complete product shipping in the Eastern Anatolia Region are experiencing difficulties and years of work experience with a variety of products aimed at making a difference within Erzurum Gunes Pharmaceutical Depot has 5 plasiyer. Hot sale to its customers with Internet infrastructure, allowing technological infrastructure able to make a sales team who also is the latest model vehicles were mobilized with.