1958 born in Mersin Mustafa Baysan primary and secondary school education Gulnar district in the country in 1976 after completing High School in Konya Veterinary Health Professions graduated as a Veterinary Technician. After graduation, began working in the public sector where the first task Mustafa Baysan'nın district of Mardin Provincial Directorate of Agriculture is the Centrifugal.

After working in different parts of our country Urfa / Driver separated from the public and private sector, while in the officers started to work. Pharmaceutical companies in the Istanbul area TOPKİM responsibility for a walk after you leave this company is into the trade.
After their experience with people who performed different commercial partnership in 1986, the Ontario Sun Sun Group's core Pharmaceutical Warehouse was established. Later, In 1989, Mersin, in 1990, Ankara, Izmir in 1997 and finally Sun Pharmaceutical Warehouse in 1999 in Bandirma spent Baysan Pharmaceutical Depo'sunu activities. Solar Group within the pharmacy, as well as the five established in 1995, and the health and nutritional needs of poultry industry production and import of products that perform Vimar Inc. Mustafa's commercial life in running the business Baysan is one of.

Sympathetic and warm personality attracted attention around the Mustafa Baysan principled in business life, contemporary and honest with people is recognized. Sense of social responsibility and a lot of activities and community services at the point in the realization of many projects contributing to the married and has two children Baysan.