Ankara Gunes Pharmaceuticals Depot Ltd Co.

1990Ankara Gunes Pharmaceuticals Depot Ltd Co.

Ankara was founded in 1990, Sun Pharmaceutical Warehouse. Our group companies operating in the largest area in the Ankara sun, organizations today is growing constantly, as the quality of its services continuously developed. Increasing business volume and customer demand to meet the physical environment where the company had difficulties, and advanced hardware has a wide range of services to the building was moved in 2000. Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:200 by taking work in 2008, the quality of our stores in all activities can be registered to exhibit customer-oriented and reliable service with the understanding of their own region is one of the important supply center. By closely following developments related to areas of activity given the quality of service constantly strives to keep the top level in our businesses in their area had signed a multi policy. Our country's agriculture and animal husbandry as an important service for the region that lead have been performed in our warehouse, constantly improving its services, veterinary medicines needed by our physicians in a timely and economical way to supply works for.